Email: Phone: +00 21 387
Email: Phone: +00 21 387

Our People

Northern Namibia Development Company (Pty) Ltd today has a staff compliment of 26 permanent employees.

Training & Development

DMS Operators. The DMS operators have been trained by the supplier of the plant (Dynamic Machinery)

X-Ray diamond recovery equipment. Flow Electronic technicians conducted in-house training for the X-Ray operators

First Aid training for all personnel was conducted by EMTSS (Windhoek). Five members were trained as Basic Live Support Providers

In house training being done for earth moving equipment (EMV) by own personnel

Mechanical students have done their practical at the mine

Training of geological technicians on survey equipment by OPTRON

Effect on Communities

Interaction is limited to the staff and personnel of Nature Conservation and NWR with their families stationed at Ugab Gate, Terrace Bay and Mowe Bay. Several of the mine's personnel have been recruited from these areas allowing opportunity for skill development and economic progress within these communities. 


NNDC has an immaculate safety track record.  With zero incidents recorder safety is placed high on the priority list especially due to the remote location. 

Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate

Click on link below to download Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate

Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate´╗┐

Morse Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate



Shawn Liebenberg

Logistical Foreman

Johny Wickens

Production Manager

Gerhard Naweseb

Mechanical Supervisor

Gerson Haihambo

Security Supervisor

Goodwell Malo

Metallurgical Foreman

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