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Exploration consists of research, data compilation and geophysical investigations which are followed-up with drilling in order to compile a geological model.  An optimised sample programme is planned which results in addition resources as well as increase in confidence.


The short term mine planned focused on preliminary two areas as delineated in the resource estimation.  The Mine Grid Reference has 50 x 50m block sizes and all planning, depletion and reporting are done according to these blocks.  The 10 year Mine Plan was done on the grade/tonnage curve as defined by the Competent Persons Report. Mining operations continue annually from 01 April to 31 March.  Operations are restricted to day time and hours.  The mining fleet consists of four excavators, three articulated dump trucks, a bulldozer and three  vacuum machines which are used to clean the bedrock.

Treatment Plants
In Field Screening Plant
A dry In Field Screening Plant and a Jaw crusher are located near the mining areas.  The plant consists of a feeding bin, various screens, tailings bin as well as product bin.   The product consist of optimised size range material which get transported to the Main Plant.

Main Plant
The Main Plant consists of a feeding bin, VSI Crusher to address sea shell and liberate the consolidated/cemented material, a 50t/h production DMS as well a 16t/h sample DMS. The plant also has various feed bins, surge bins and a tailings bin as well as a water supply and effluent system. A de-sanding plant enables recycling of sea water for more efficient utilisation of water.

The recovery area consists of a classifier, size holding bins and three Flowsort X-ray machines.  Concentrate reports to the sorthouse for final recovery of diamonds.


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