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Our Mission

To become the first Namibian Company to achieve a fully integrated Namibian diamond business from Mine to Market under a luxury Namibian brand.

  • To explore, mine and produce Namibian diamonds, and beneficiate it within Namibia for both national and international markets.
  • Maximize value from each diamond across the full diamond value chain.


The mineral licence area extents from the Kunene River south wards and the western boundary is the Atlantic coast.  The eastern area is covered with extensive large mobile sand dunes (Cunene Sand Sea).  The only access to the area is from Mowe Bay  along 250km of unmarked tracks.  The area is located within the Namib desert and therefore typical hyper aridity,  strong prevailing southerly winds, frequent coastal mist and moderate temperatures.  A camp has been established which accommodate the work force.

C.D. Hallam, Koakoland Exploration Company, conducted intensive investigation during mid 1940’S of the beach gravels from Swakopmund to the Kunene River.  The coastal areas were detailed mapped and systematic sampled with small pits and trenches.  Sporadic diamond prospecting continued during the 70’s and 80’s as limited access to the Skeleton Coast were allowed due to military reasons. Some of the earlier explorers motivated further work to support the development for a habour at Angra Fria during 90’s which in turn will enable potential mining activities in this undeveloped area.  Sporadic sampling with no geoscientific records continued during the late 90’ and early 20” and the first diamond recorded was from an area near "The Old Plant" site -  situated on the north bank of the Proto-Kunene. Exploration from 2003 to 2007 continued with a systematic bulk sampling program and information were scientifically recorded. The original focus was on the Kunene gravels but later moved to marine gravels south of the river.  The van Rooyen family acquired 100% NNDC shares from the original owners in March 2007 after which exploration activities focused on understanding the geology to assist with resource delineation and estimation.   Geomine Consulting Namibia was contracted from 2010 to 2015 and their registered Competent Person,  Mr. Willem Kotze,  estimated the current resource.   NNDC applied for a Mining Licence during October 2015.  Exploration is ongoing with drilling and sampling programmes and the team is gearing up for full production as soon as the licence is approved.   Regulatory requirements and permits relating to safety, health and environment are in place.
Diamond Quality

Diamonds recovered are of small size but extremely good quality and therefore high revenue.  NNDC diamonds comply to the Kimberly Process and are laser inscribe to assure consumers of the highest quality conflict free diamonds.
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